The Ultimate Friendship Day Gift Guide: A Color For Every Friend

Friendship day now is a great moment to celebrate your friendship new and old. Celebrate colors with flowers in this special day.. Here is the flower color that signifies friendship in a true manner..

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Celebrated annually friendship day is commemorated on 30 July, different nations celebrate this day on different dates but the official international friendship day is on 30th July. This day was initially all about peace and goodwill between nations. This day in history was a little different but now the ways have changed, one thing remains the same. Those are flowers, colorful, unique, pretty and sweet, flowers have been an essential part of celebration whatever it may be. Friendship day now is a great moment to celebrate your friendship new and old. This friendship day cheers your friends with celebration and Friendship flowers. Yellow is the friendship flower color.

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Flowers that mean friendship are many but is the official flower for friendship day a yellow rose. The color yellow is known to have a positive impact on you and your surroundings. The color yellow is taken to represent the sun. Bright, glowy and fiery. Full of warmth, these flowers are just perfect for friendship day. In most cultures a yellow rose is taken to represent true friendship or a new beginning of friendship. This year surprise your friends with a dozen yellow roses, or if you wanna put in some extra magic go with a bouquet of red and yellow roses which looks and feels amazing.

The color red is known to represent life, love, anger and courage. The impact of color red is known to be hot, attractive and deep. For a red themed bouquet you would need flowers like red roses, hibiscus, red carnations, and crimson chrysanthemums. If you don't want to go with all red flowers you can also go with white lilies, and red roses.You can also go with dominant red like a bunch of roses, and carnations with green poms, lilac stock and sunflowers.

You can also go for the colors like pink and purple. These colors are in trend and super cute as well. You can create a lovely bouquet of flowers pink and purple. The color pink is known to represent love, femininity and kindness. It is also known for its calming nature. For a pink bouquet you can go with pink and white roses with white hydrangeas. Another one is going with pink stargazer lilies, roses, and filler greens.

For a purple colored bouquet you can go with purple mokara orchids, orchids are full of detail and design from their bud to their petals everything is perfect. Interestingly the color purple symbolizes wealth, luxury and royalty. Another gorgeous option is to go with purple roses, tulips, white ranunculus, and gerbera daisies. 

You can also go with the color yellow, which of course is officially the part of friendship day. Or a yellow themed bouquet you would need yellow and bold sunflowers, yellow and white daisies, gerberas and sme green. You can add the purple flowers along with yellow for a contrasting color theme.

Flowers are for all, everyone is equally mesmerized with them. Getting these flowers of friendship is easier than ever, get yours from a Delaware florist or from Odessa flower shops.


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